Structural Addition Cooling Tips: Should You Extend Ductwork Or Invest In Supplemental Cooling?

Have you recently constructed a home addition? If so, you must determine the most efficient way to cool the extra space. If you have a central ducted air conditioning system, you can extend the ductwork and cool the home addition using the existing unit. However, this option isn't always viable, as it can strain the existing system. Therefore, check out these factors that determine whether to extend your central unit's ductwork or install a new air conditioner.

Is Your AC Condenser Coil Defective? Find Out

An AC uses refrigerant to absorb heat and dissipate it outdoors. To do this, the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant to flow effectively from the appliance's evaporator coil and then expels heat via the condenser coil. However, if the condenser coil malfunctions, heat retention will occur in the outdoor unit. In most cases, this happens when the compressor and blower motor overheat, causing them to fail. You should know that scheduling timely repairs is the only way to remedy the issue.

Upgrading Your Hot Water Heater System

The water heater is likely to be one of the most important appliances that you can have in your house. As with the other major appliances that are in your home, there can be a need for you to invest in upgrading your hot water heater system. Upgrading Your Hot Water Heater System Can Provide Benefits To Your Comfort And Energy Usage Investing in the installation of a new hot water heater system can be a major investment in your home's plumbing system.

5 Common AC Condenser Problems And How Air Conditioning Repair Services Can Fix Them

When the weather starts to warm up, you'll probably be reaching for the AC remote more and more. But what happens when you turn on your air conditioner and nothing happens? Or, even worse, your AC unit starts making strange noises? Before you call an air conditioning repair service, take a look at some of the most common AC condenser problems and how air conditioning repair services can fix them.

Furnace Repairs That Might Be Needed When The Flame Rollout Switch Trips

Your gas furnace has a few safety switches built into it to protect you and your furnace from danger if something goes wrong during the combustion process. One of these switches is the flame rollout switch. Here's how this switch works, how to test it, and signs the switch needs to be replaced. How The Flame Rollout Switch Works Your furnace has at least one of these switches, but it might have more.