Air Conditioner Creating A Bad Odor? Know Why It's Happening

When you start up your air conditioner at home, you expect to feel cold air flowing through your vents to help your home feel more comfortable. You do not expect to smell an odd odor from those vents as well. Odors related to your air conditioner are definitely something to be concerned about, and they are often caused by some common issues that can be fixed. Here is what you need to know about odors, their causes, and how to fix them.

Your AC Installation: How To Be Ready For The Install

When you buy a new air conditioning unit, it's best to have the unit installed by professionals only. Doing so ensures that the unit is easier to maintain and is put in correctly, which can be more of a benefit to you down the line than you may realize. When you do your part to ensure your air conditioner is installed in a proper way, you help to protect the unit's warranty -- if it has one -- as well as other things.

Prevent A Fire With These 3 Safety Tips For Your Space Heater

As temperatures drop, many people struggle to stay warm in their homes. This is a common complaint during the winter and fall, even from families that have heating and air systems installed. Many people turn to space heaters for extra warmth when fuzzy blankets and thick socks fail to keep them feeling comfortable, but it's important to be careful when you run these portable units. Protect your loved ones by considering these three safety tips before you flip on the switch for your space heater.

Free Ways To Save On Heating Bills This Winter

Are you tired of looking for ways to save money on heating bills, only to find that the recommendations require you to spend money? Sometimes you do have to spend a little to save more, but there are also plenty of free ways to reduce your winter heating costs. 1. Close the curtains. Your curtains are not just decorative. They can also serve an important function. If you close them, they will provide an extra layer of insulation, reducing the amount of heat that is lost through your windows.

When Should You Start Using Your Heater?

With the cooler air of fall beginning to circulate, some homeowners have begun to wonder when they should kick on the heater. If you fall into that category, you probably already know that switching back and forth from cooling to heating can be hard on your HVAC system, so it is best to ease into heating your house. Caring for your heater is important for proper furnace maintenance. Here are a few things to do in order to make the transition easier on your system.