Heat Pump HVAC Repairs To Prepare Your System For Warmer Weather

If you have a heat pump AC, it may also be used for heating. This means that it has been running all year to keep your home comfortable. It also needs to be serviced before the summer weather. In addition to the maintenance, your HVAC system may also need some repairs to get your system ready. The HVAC repairs you may need for your heat pump system include:

Issues with the Heat Pump Fan

The heat pump system also has a fan in the outdoor unit. This is one of the components that wear and needs to be repaired when servicing your system. These problems are often due to issues like damage to the blades or the motor failing. If the problem with your heat pump is the unit fan, it can easily be repaired before you start using your cooling. The problems with the heat pump fan can be due to wear, or it may be due to debris around the unit causing damage.

Problems Due to Dirt and Runoff

There are also issues with dirt and runoff that can cause serious problems with your system. The dirt and debris can cause problems with wear and ice, like with a conventional air conditioning unit. Heat pump systems are also more vulnerable to problems with ice buildup. This problem can be worse if the unit is in an area where excessive runoff falls on it, such as beneath the eaves of your roof. This can lead to damage to components and low refrigerant levels.

Heat Pump Electrical Issues  

The heat pump can also suffer from various types of electrical problems. Before you start inspecting the unit for problems, check things like breakers and the main electrical switch to the HVAC system. If the problem is not the breaker, you want to inspect the unit and look for signs of damaged wires or short circuits. Often, the problems with the AC heat pump are due to a capacitor failing, which can be replaced to solve the problem.

Issues with Ducts and HVAC Blowers

There are also issues with the HVAC ducts that you may need to have repaired. The blower fan is another area where you may have issues with your system that need to be repaired. The blower fan can fail due to wear and need to be repaired. In addition, there may also be issues with the ducts and vents that need to be addressed before using your cooling.

The issues with your heat pump can affect your cooling when you need it this summer. Contact an HVAC repair service for help dealing with these issues before you start using your cooling.