The Ultimate Summer AC Maintenance Guide To Keep Your Home Cool And Comfortable

The air conditioning maintenance that needs to be done before summer is important to keep your home cool. You need to start the summer with routine spring AC maintenance and continue taking care of your AC throughout the summer months. Doing this will help ensure you do not have problems keeping your home cool during summer heatwaves. The following summer AC maintenance guide will ensure your AC does not give you trouble this year:

Starting The Spring With Good AC Maintenance and Serving Before Warmer Weather Comes

The maintenance of your AC should start with a good spring servicing. If you have winterized the condensing unit, you will want to start by removing covers, plugs in the condensation drain lines, and adjust any other weatherization that has been done to the AC. In addition, change the air filter for the first time and inspect the ductwork for damage and problems that need to be repaired.

Keeping The AC Unit Clean and Free Of Debris That Can Cause Damage During Hot Summer Weather

The AC needs to be clean and clear of any debris, which can cause a lot of problems during the hot weather. This is something that you will want to begin doing at the beginning of summer or during the spring servicing. You will especially want to check the unit after summer storms and turn the AC off and clean the unit when there is a high pollen count. Doing this simple maintenance can prevent a lot of the common problems during summer heatwaves.

Routine Filter Changes And Inspecting Ductwork For Problems That Can Restrict Airflow

The air filter changes are also an important part of maintenance that needs to begin in spring. When you change the air filter, you will also want to inspect any exposed ducts for problems like pinched ducts that restricts airflow, or damage that causes air leaks. This maintenance needs to be done in spring and doing it as part of your regular maintenance routine will help ensure your air conditioning is working efficiently throughout the summer months.

Checking Vents To Make Sure That Are Adjusted Correctly and Programming Your Thermostat For Summer Weather

The vents of your AC system are also important and need to be clean to ensure your AC is working efficiently. These problems often start with spring maintenance, but you will also want to occasionally check to make sure vents have not been closed or covered. These problems restrict airflow and can cause the AC to not cool your home as efficiently as it should.

Doing this AC maintenance in spring and throughout summer will ensure your house stays cool through the hottest weather. If you need help with servicing and maintenance before it gets warmer, contact an HVAC maintenance service to ensure you do not have problems this year.