Questions To Ask Before Your Heating Installation

Spring is a great time to replace your old, failing furnace. You have plenty of time to shop around for the perfect unit since you don't need to worry about home heating for a while, which ensures you can find the best unit for your needs. Knowing what questions to ask of your installation company can make the whole process even simpler.

Is cleanup included with the installation quote?

Replacing a furnace can be a dirty job. Years of dust and debris can shake out of the old unit or be hidden behind it. Not to mention the new debris that is introduced during the removal and installation process. Make sure that the company you hire provides a full cleanup of the area so that the space surrounding your new furnace is cleaner than when the installer arrived.

Are there any additional disposal fees?

Your old furnace will have to go a dump or recycler, which can be an expensive and time consuming process if you are expected to haul it off yourself. Before signing the installation contract, verify with the heating service that the disposal of the old furnace is included with your installation quote. Otherwise, you may get stuck with a large disposal fee at the end of the installation.

Is the work as well as the equipment warrantied?

A new furnace should come with a manufacturer's warranty against any inherent issues that develop with the furnace. This warranty won't cover problems with the furnace that occur due to installation issues, though. Make sure the heating installation service provides an additional warranty or guarantee on their installation work so you are covered in the event that there is a problem down the road. Many services provide lifetime installation guarantees, so you will never have to a pay for a repair that is due to an installation error.

Do warranty service calls take priority?

A warranty is only as good as how well it is honored. Verify that warranty calls are given at least the same priority as other service calls. Some unscrupulous companies put warranty calls at the end of the queue since they will not be able to collect a repair fee from them, which can leave you waiting for months when all that is needed is a simple repair. A reputable company will not differentiate between calls in this manner.

Contact a heating service for more help.