Your AC Installation: How To Be Ready For The Install

When you buy a new air conditioning unit, it's best to have the unit installed by professionals only. Doing so ensures that the unit is easier to maintain and is put in correctly, which can be more of a benefit to you down the line than you may realize. When you do your part to ensure your air conditioner is installed in a proper way, you help to protect the unit's warranty -- if it has one -- as well as other things. Make sure you are ready for your AC installation process by doing the following things first:

Prepare and set aside a day

When you have your air conditioner installed in your home, your AC system installation specialist will give you a date and an approximate time they will be at your home. You should make sure to have someone home the entire day to allow the AC specialist to be able to do their job, because if they come to your home and you aren't around, they won't be able to do the install and will have to return another time.

When you set aside a day for the AC specialist to be at your house, make the process easier for them by leaving a cell phone number that you can be reached at when they get to your house or just before. This way, you can let the AC system installation specialist know if you are home, and when you will be able to be around in the event you have to leave your house to go to work, run errands, pick up kids, or do other things.

Remove kids and pets

If you can, make sure kids and pets are out of the way and placed outside or in another room so your air conditioner specialist can work in peace and safety. Certain tools are used to ensure the efficiency and proper installation of an air conditioner unit, so make sure your AC specialist has room to work relatively uninterrupted and that they will be able to work without the fear of a child getting in the way or a pet disturbing or biting them.

Have payment ready

Whether your air conditioner specialist demands the entire payment upfront or takes payments for the air conditioner installation, they will still need you to make some kind of payment upfront. Have this payment ready, so when your AC specialist has completed their work they can take a check, cash, or card — if applicable — and help you get the most out of your services.