How To Improve Office Air Conditioner Airflow

The airflow in your office plays a central role in determining the effectiveness of your business's air conditioner. Without proper airflow, your air conditioning unit will not be able to evenly distribute chilled air throughout your office. This can make your employees very uncomfortable, reduce their productivity, and make any client-facing areas unappealing to potential customers. Further, a lack of proper airflow can mean that your air conditioner works for longer periods of time to produce a minimal amount of cooling, which can greatly increase your business's utility bills. Fortunately, there are a few different things that you can do to improve airflow and boost the overall effectiveness of your office air conditioning system.

Check the Vents

One of the first things that should be done when inspecting your commercial air conditioning system are the vents around the office. Vents need to be clear of blockages, which can include furniture, documents, or anything large enough to cover the vent or block airflow. Rearrange your office so that vents have a clear path to the middle of the building. If the airflow is still poor, you may want to have a commercial air conditioning service like Robison  Air inspect your ducts and see if they need to be cleared out to remove blockages or repaired to ensure that there are no leaks.

Have the Filters Replaced

Another simple thing that you can do to boost the airflow in your office or commercial space is to have the air filters within your unit replaced. This will improve how well your air conditioner is able to move air throughout your office and also improve air quality since a new filter will be more effective at removing dust and other airborne particles from the air supply. This is an especially important consideration if any of your employees or customers have allergies or other respiratory conditions.

Condenser Cleaning

Another important maintenance task that you should complete if you find that your air conditioner's airflow is lacking is cleaning the exterior condenser unit. Branches, leaves, and dirt can accumulate, reducing how well your air conditioner can negatively affect airflow by preventing how much heat can be vented out of your building and reducing how well cool air can be circulated. While you can remove debris by hand, having a professional HVAC company come in, clean your unit properly, and straighten the condenser fins to increase the efficiency of your unit is a better and more effective choice.