A Guide To Your AC Compressor

HVAC systems cost a lot of money to run. Of course, new systems are generally more energy efficient, but they are also very expensive. Even though your home would probably benefit from having a new furnace, air handler, or air conditioner, you probably can't afford such a big investment right now. But, this does not simply mean you need to live with your system as it is. Usually, there are some simple things, and homeowners can do that will increase their HVAC efficiency without even having to spend a ton of money.

Compressor Maintenance is Key

One of the most common issues with HVAC systems, particularly with the air conditioner, is the failure of the compressor. The compressor unit, located inside the condenser, is responsible for the creation of cooled, conditioned air. When the compressor is not working correctly, you might still experience maximum airflow, but that air probably won't be as cold as it is supposed to be. In fact, when a compressor fails completely, the air will basically won't be cooled at all, and it will just be coming out lukewarm.

But, compressor failure can also happen in stages. That is, a compressor can just start to become slightly less efficient after a few years. Obviously, homeowners without the tools or training will really have no idea if their compressor is failing until it gets to a dramatic point. Your air will just be slightly warmer than it used to be, and you'll probably account for this by adjusting your thermostat to be a little colder.

When it comes to compressor servicing and repair, it is probably best to just call in an HVAC technician. Compressors are complicated electrical devices that shouldn't be tinkered with if you don't have the training. It is possible to improve the efficiency of an old compressor, but many HVAC technicians will probably just try to sell you a new compressor that has better efficiency. A compressor might only cost a couple hundred dollars, and it can be easily installed within a couple of hours. So. it might not be worth the time or money trying to tinker with an old unit that will never be as efficient as a replacement.

In the end, taking care of your compressor is one of the keys to keeping your HVAC system running efficiently. With a new compressor, your air conditioner will be able to create cold air and use less power doing so. For more information, contact your local air conditioning repair services.