Dealing With AC Rapid Cycling: 3 Things To Check When Too Much Cold Air Is Not A Good Thing

When the summer heat revs up, you would never imagine that you would complain about your house being too cool. Yet, you have suddenly noticed that your air conditioner seems to be constantly running or rapidly kicking off and on. Unfortunately, rapid cycling is not just a major energy waste, since it can also mean that there is something seriously wrong with your unit. As you work to figure out the problem, consider these potential issues that require prompt attention to end rapid cycling.

Is Your Unit Too Large?

Bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioning units. When a unit is too powerful for the size of your home, it will cool the rooms off too quickly, so the unit will quickly shut off. This starts an endless cycle of changing temperatures that makes it seem as though your unit is always running. If this is the problem, then the rapid cycling likely began shortly after installation, yet you might not have noticed it. It is also common for people to discover that their unit was installed incorrectly long before their move-in. Calling a professional to replace the unit with one that is the proper size will fix this problem fast.

Is There a Leak?

Leaking refrigerant is a major issue that makes it harder for the unit to absorb heat. When refrigerant gets too low, it can generate serious problems with the compressor. During your air conditioning maintenance inspection, your technician can check for refrigerant leaks so that they can be repaired and prevent rapid cycling from happening.

Do You Have a Faulty Thermostat?

Sometimes, rapid cycling has nothing to do with the main part of your unit and everything to do with your thermostat. Rapid cycling may occur if you have a defective thermostat that keeps switching the unit off and on for no reason. A thermostat that is located in a drafty part of the house such as by the front door may also be triggered more often than it should be. Have your thermostat checked out by a professional, and consider having it moved if it is in a bad location in your house.

Listening as your AC kicks off and on gets annoying, especially when it means that your hard-earned money is literally flowing out the vents. Fortunately, you can end your rapid cycling problem by keeping up your routine maintenance plan and arranging to get a professional opinion on the source of your air conditioning rapidly cycling problem.