How Installing A Booster Pump Could Help You Have Better Water Pressure

Having low or inconsistent water pressure in your home can be frustrating, but it is not something you have to continue living with. You could fix this problem by hiring a plumber to install a booster pump in your home. This will even out the water pressure in your entire home, leaving you with consistent and good water pressure from every faucet.

What Is a Booster Pump?

A pressure booster pump is an electrical device that can be installed in your home to boost the water pressure you currently have. This device can be used for homes with wells and for homes that have city water systems. The water pressure in your home should be around 50 pounds per square inch (psi), and a plumber can test your pressure to determine what it is currently at.

Poor water pressure can be caused by a number of different things, but it often relates to the way the water pump in your home works. Water pumps generally kick on when they lose pressure, and a loss of pressure occurs when a faucet is turned on. Unfortunately, the pump might not kick on until the pressure is really low, and this can result in really low water pressure from your faucets.

A booster pump can be installed in almost any home; however, it will require space and must be placed by your incoming water supply. It must also be plugged in to an electrical outlet, so there must be an available outlet in this area too.

How Does It Work?

A pressure booster pump has several key components that make it an effective way to increase water pressure. The first component is a pressure regulator, which is used simply to monitor the pressure of the water. The regulator can be adjusted as needed. The next two components are a water pump and a pressure tank. These two components work together to boost the water pressure.

The extra pressure tank is used to store additional water, and this is the main reason a pressure booster pump increases water pressure. It always stores extra water in it, which means that you will not have to wait at your faucets for the water pump to kick on. The water pressure will automatically be higher with this booster installed.

How Do You Choose The Right One?

When purchasing a booster pump, it is best to let a plumber determine what type and size to get for your home. One of the things a plumber will need to look at is the size of the water line that enters your house. The booster pump should have the same size fittings as this so that it can be connected without having to add adapters to the pipes.

The plumber will also look at space issues and water demands. This will help determine what size tank to purchase for your home.

You may also need to hire an electrician during the process, but this will depend on the electrical outlet you are using to power the device. If the breaker the outlet is attached to cannot handle the extra load, an electrician could rewire the outlet or add an additional outlet to make sure that your electrical panel can handle operating the pump.

It can be very annoying to run short of water when you need it, but adding a pressure booster might help you with this. Your plumber may also suggest increasing the size of your hot water heater when this is done, but this is only necessary if you run out of hot water easily. To learn more, contact a plumber in your area. You can do this online if you navigate to this website.