3-Step Guide For Keeping Dust Mites At Bay In Your Heating Ducts Using Eucalyptus Oil

When you have an allergy to dust mites, you may have already taken measures within your home to limit your exposure. However, another area you need to treat is your HVAC duct system where dust and the mites tend to gather. Use the three-step guide below to naturally keep the mites at bay using eucalyptus oil to kill the existing insects and repel any new ones.

Step 1:  Replace Your Furnace's Filter 

The first part of the treatment involves replacing your furnaces filter with a new one that has been treated with a eucalyptus oil and water spray. Any mites circulating through the air ducts will become trapped within the filter where the oil will kill them.

When selecting a new filter, purchase one that allows the fewest microns through it as possible. The tighter the weave, the fewer the mites and byproducts allowed to pass through and back into your breathing air.

To make the spray, fill a plastic water bottle halfway with warm water. Then, add 20 drops of eucalyptus oil and shake vigorously. The water will make it easier to disperse the oil evenly onto the filter.

Saturate both sides of the filter with the spray. Allow it to air dry for two hours before putting it into the furnace. For the first month, replace the filter every two weeks. After this initial time period, the mite population should be under control so that you can replace the filter once a month.

Step 2:  Clean Your Heating Vents And Ducts With A Homemade Cleaner

After you have replaced the filter, turn off the furnace so you can remove the vents and wash insides of the ducts you are able to reach with a homemade cleaner. The cleaner contains eucalyptus oil, warm water, and liquid castille soap. The castille soap does not contain harsh chemicals or perfumes that could aggravate your allergy symptoms if airborne.

First, fill your bathtub halfway with warm water. While the water is running, add a cup of the castille soap to the stream. Then, put in 30 drops of eucalyptus oil. Once the bathtub has been filled, place the vents in the water and let them soak for an hour.

While your vents are soaking, mix together a half-gallon of water, a half of a cup of castille soap, and 15 drops of eucalyptus oil in a cleaning bucket. Soak a terry cloth cleaning rag in the mixture and wring out the excess water.

Use the cloth to wipe the interior walls of your ducts, going down as far as you can safely reach. Be careful to avoid any metal corners or sheet metal screws that could be sticking up.

Wipe the ducts a total of two times each. Let the soap dry for half an hour. Then, fill your bucket with clean, warm water and use a different rag to rinse the interior. 

After letting the ducts dry for a half an hour, go on to the third step.

Step 3:  Wipe The Inside Of Your Ducts With Eucalyptus Oil

The final step in the treatment is to wipe the first six inches inside of your heat ducts with straight eucalyptus oil. This will create a barrier against any dust mites that may attempt to crawl into the system while the furnace is off.

To treat your ducts, pour a small amount of the oil onto a damp sponge. Then, wipe the ducts with enough of the oil to coat it. Let the oil air dry for an hour, then replace the vents and turn the heater back on.

Although the above treatment should help control the dust mite population in your ductwork when used once a month, you may not be able to reach the colonies lurking deep within the system. Before you use the guide above, you may want to contact an HVAC contractor, like one from Now Heating & Air, who provides duct cleaning services to discuss having an initial, thorough cleaning done.