3-Step Guide For Keeping Dust Mites At Bay In Your Heating Ducts Using Eucalyptus Oil

When you have an allergy to dust mites, you may have already taken measures within your home to limit your exposure. However, another area you need to treat is your HVAC duct system where dust and the mites tend to gather. Use the three-step guide below to naturally keep the mites at bay using eucalyptus oil to kill the existing insects and repel any new ones. Step 1:  Replace Your Furnace's Filter 

Avoid Putting Your Heat Pump On Ice This Summer

It's not unusual to see a light coating of frost on your heat pump during the winter. However, it's the last thing you should see during the summer. If you see ice anywhere on your heat pump as it operates under summertime conditions, then chances are your system is in need of some serious attention. The following talks about the potential causes of ice formation, as well as the things you can do to fix it and hopefully prevent it in the future.