Myths About Maintaining Your AC System

Being accurately informed about the various appliances and systems that your home uses can make it easier for homeowners to avoid and address problems. As with many of the other systems that a home will use, there are many common myths about air conditioners.

Myth: Changing The Filter Is The Only Maintenance The AC Unit Will Require

Replacing the filter for the AC is one of the most basic and important types of maintenance to do. Unfortunately, a homeowner may assume that this is the only type of maintenance that they will need to do for the system, which can lead to them neglecting some of the other important types of maintenance that are needed over the years. For example, the HVAC system should be professionally serviced every couple of years. This is needed to lubricate and clean the mechanical parts of the system as well as inspect the system for other potential problems.

Myth: Failing To Effectively Maintain The AC Unit Is Harmless For The System

Inadequate maintenance of the AC unit is able to have some far-ranging impacts on the performance of the system. When the unit is not properly maintained, it can directly reduce the cooling capacity of the system. Furthermore, it may be able to increase the risk of the unit suffering a major failure. Fortunately, the costs of having the AC unit professionally serviced will be relatively low. Also, this maintenance will likely be able to be completed without the need for you to be home as the contractor will usually be able to access the exterior unit without needing to enter the home itself. This can make it easy to schedule this type of work during the day regardless of whether you will be at home or not.

Myth: Any Fluid Coming From The Unit Indicates A Leak

For a homeowner that is not familiar with the operations of a modern AC unit, it can be easy to assume that any fluid coming from the system will indicate that there is a serious problem. Yet, it is normal for an AC unit to produce fairly large amounts of condensation that will have to be drained from the interior of the system. Due to this, it should be expected to see water coming from the system. To account for this, modern air conditioning units will include drains that will allow for the condensation to easily exit the unit so that the risk of flooding or corrosion developing.

Contact a local AC service if you have any questions.