Duct Cleaning For Landlords: Why It's Important

Being a landlord comes with a great deal of responsibility. While you expect your tenants to be responsible and care for the property, more of the duty rests on your lap. After all, how you care for your property will directly determine how much money you'll be able to make from it, rather than how much money you have to put into the property. Ensure duct cleaning is on your list of maintenance responsibilities if you want to make money instead of spending money.

Better Air Quality

The cleaner the ducts in a building, the better the air quality. Tobacco smoke, pet dander, and other allergens latch onto the air that circulates through a home. As the air circulates, some of the particles get carried into the air ducts where they are recirculated continuously through the area. 

For a tenant with allergy sensitivities, contaminated ducts may be a deal breaker if they find themselves more uncomfortable inside their home than they do outside. Professional duct cleaning clears these contaminants from the ducts, which improves the air quality and removes any smells the pollutants may have introduced into the air. 

Increased Lifespan

Several factors have an impact on the age of an air conditioning unit. The condition of the duct system happens to be one of them. When contaminants settle in the ducts, some of them circulate into the air. However, some of them settle around the intake area of the air conditioning and create a clog. 

Clogs prevent air from flowing through the system correctly, which causes it to work harder. If the clog remains for an extended period, you will ultimately put more wear on the unit than necessary. The more wear the unit experiences, the shorter its lifespan. Duct cleaning removes the particles and helps you avoid a clog. 

Lower Operating Costs

Clogs created by dirty ducts don't exactly cause a failure overnight; it's a slower process. Long before failure, you can expect increased operating expenses. When an air conditioning unit works harder to cool a space, this extra work also means more energy burn. 

If your lease determines that the tenant pays a flat rate and you cover the cost of your utilities, you will likely face rising cost month after month. Cleaner ducts allow your air conditioning to operate smoother and help you save money. 

Professional duct cleaning is a maintenance task well worth its investment. Contact a duct cleaning service to learn about the additional benefits this service can afford.