High Energy Bills This Summer? Ways To Cut Your Bill

Summertime is when you're spending your hard earned money taking vacations and doing things with your family. It should not be the time you're worrying about your energy bill and spending all of your money paying to cool your home. Comfort shouldn't cost you a fortune. If your energy bills are emptying your pockets quicker than you can earn enough to pay for them, it's time to make a few changes. Read on for ways to cut your energy bill this summer.

Adjust The Thermostat

Seventy-two degrees is a fairly comfortable temperature. If your thermostat is set lower than this, change the temperature. It doesn't need to be any lower. If you're setting your thermostat lower and lower in order to cool your home, you may be over-working your air conditioner and this may be why your energy bill is so high. Set it to 72 degrees — you'll stay cool and save money at the same time.

Go Digital

A digital thermostat is going to give you a more accurate reading than a dial thermostat. Invest in a new thermostat to give you a more accurate reading. A digital thermostat is not too costly if you skip out on all of the newer bells and whistles such as voice recognition, security camera or other features, unless that's what you want. In that case, there are a number of higher end digital thermostats that can do other things for you, in addition to saving you money on your energy bill.

Close Up Your Home

That cool air you're paying an arm and a leg for could be leaking out of the smallest crevices in your home. Be sure your windows are locked tightly and your doors stay shut tightly as well. If need be, replace the seals around all of your windows and doors. Close your doors, even if the storm door is closed, your front or back doors will help prevent warm air from coming in and your cold air from escaping.

Clean Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is struggling to keep up because it's covered in a thick padding of cottonwood, grass clippings and other debris, it's going to cost you on your energy bill. Clean your air conditioning unit by spraying it with a garden hose to remove the built up debris. Spray it down throughout the summer season to keep it clean. A clean unit will ensure proper air flow to your unit and prevent the struggle.

If you have high energy bills, make some changes to lower your bills and keep some of that money in your pocket this summer instead. Have your air conditioning unit cleaned and inspected by a professional technician each summer to ensure your unit works properly. Speak to local AC repair services for more help.