Take A Load Off Your A/C System With These 4 Tips

With summertime temperatures approaching the triple digits, chances are your air conditioner is taking a beating. Heat waves can be rough on A/C systems -- the longer the heat wave, the greater the chance of your A/C failing right when you need it most. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your A/C system up and running, even during the most demanding of summer days.

1. Draw Your Blinds and Curtains During Daytime Hours

The last thing you need is for your air conditioner to compete against excess heat radiating through your windows. Solar heat gain can be a problem, especially for south-facing homes. Fortunately, dealing with this problem is as simple as keeping your curtains and blinds closed during the daytime. You'll get the best results by using curtains specifically designed to block the sun's radiant heat.

2. Use Ceiling Fans to Supplement Your Cooling

Using your home's ceiling fans during the summer has two purposes. For starters, it helps circulate cool air throughout your home in a way that your air conditioner might not achieve on its own. Secondly, ceiling fans produce a wind chill effect that helps you feel several degrees cooler than the actual temperatures on your thermostat. This means you'll use less energy without taking a hit in cooling comfort.

3. Ditch the Incandescent Bulbs

Those traditional incandescent bulbs can generate plenty of waste heat when they're working. If you're still using this increasingly outdated bulb technology, consider switching to CFL or LED bulbs. CFLs and LEDs not only use a fraction of the electricity consumed by a typical incandescent bulb, but they also produce far less heat. While you're at it, consider limiting your use of appliances that also generate large amounts of heat, including your oven and dishwasher.

4. Service Your A/C System Regularly

Ultimately, it takes a well-maintained A/C system to brave a heat wave. Investing in routine A/C maintenance ensures that your system operates at peak condition without raising your energy bill in the process. Your HVAC technician can also use routine maintenance to address potential issues before they cause problems for your A/C system.

While it's a good idea to have a professional service your A/C system, you shouldn't forget about the things you can do on your own. For instance, changing the air filters on a regular basis can help your A/C system survive a heat wave while keeping your indoor air free of unwanted airborne pollutants.

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