The Easiest Way To Increase Airflow

There are many possible pitfalls that can create problems within your AC system. You could have a faulty condenser system, or your evaporator might not be working properly. Problems like these are best fixed by professional HVAC techs. However, even if you have a brand-new air pump, evaporator, and condenser, they won't be efficient or effective if something is blocking the airflow. That is, it is no good having properly conditioned and chilled air if it is not coming out of your registers at full blast.

This article explains a few things to check if you are experiencing reduced airflow in your AC system. Often, you can diagnose and even fix the problem yourself. Otherwise, you might find the problem and then have to call in a professional to fix it.

Is the Air Being Blocked By the Registers?

The most common cause of bad airflow is registers that are either closed or clogged with dust. Amazingly, some people will call in a pro to service their system and then find out that all they needed to do was open the register vents. The fact of the matter is, having all your vents open in your building at all times is probably never the most efficient way to cool down your building and maximize airflow. Some rooms and sections of your home will heat up more then others, so they will need better airflow.

Also, during the winter, when you are running your heat, you might have adjusted your vents to account for these inconsistencies. So, the first thing you should do is make sure that your registers are open in the warmer rooms. If another room doesn't need as much cooling, make sure those registers are closed to increase airflow into the rooms that need it most. This is especially important in multi-story buildings because the upstairs is always warmer than the bottom floor.

Are Your Registers Clean?

Even if your registers are properly opened in the most efficient setup, they could be clogged. It is a good idea to inspect your registers closely by looking through the vents with a small flashlight. You should be able to see if any dust is blocking the dust. To actually clean this blockage, you need to remove the register from the wall and clean the backside.

These simple register adjustments could have a huge impact on the airflow in your property. Contact a company like Day's Appliance Repair Heatg & Air Condtng Co to learn more.