How To Clean Your Furnace Blower

The cost of replacing your furnace is quite large. Even the most energy-efficient gas furnace can take many years until it pays for itself. So, if your existing furnace is acting up and seems to be less efficient, you might want to think twice before investing in a new one. There might be several ways that you can increase the output and efficiency of your furnace without spending a bunch of money. This article explains how to best clean your furnace blower for improved airflow and efficiency.

Where Is the Blower?

The blower will be inside the main furnace cabinet. It is accessible via the main access panel or door (depending on the brand and style of your furnace). Either way, furnace panels and doors are easy to remove, and you don't need any special tools. The blower is the largest element within the furnace, and it basically looks like a fan. The fan blades and blower motor are easy to spot. You should be able to differentiate the blower compartment from the electrical compartment because there are less wires, but there are also large fan blades.

What to Clean?

The most important thing to clean on your blower are the fan blades and the motor. The motor, which the blades are mounted on, has vented sides to help keep it cool. With all the wind and movement going on when the furnace is running, there is a good chance that these vents can get clogged. This causes the motor to run at a hotter temperature. In turn, the furnace sucks up more energy in attempts to compensate. You end up with higher utility bills and less productivity when your blower motor vents are clogged.

You also want to clean the fan blades and the open blower compartment. Fan blades can rust and corrode if they are not kept clean. Also, any dust buildup within the compartment can be a problem, especially if it gets circulated to other parts of the furnace, like the blower motor or fuel pump.

If there is a lot of dirt, dust and debris within your cabinet, there could be a problem with your filter. It could mean that you either need to replace your filter, make sure it is properly installed, and/or make sure it is the right size for your furnace.

Any furnace will work better with some basic TLC. Make sure you avoid high utility bills and always keep your furnace in tip top shape. For additional help, contact a heating contractor in your area.